Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center for Teens 12-18 who require Structure and Treatment Beyond that Available in Traditional Outpatient Clinics & Intensive Outpatient Services


We promote the experiential hands-on values of trust, care, and services toward others.  Becoming “other’s-centered” (empathetic, compassionate, caring etc.) is the basis of Positive Peer Culture..
We utilize a multi-therapy model of individual, group, and family therapy as well as substance abuse counseling.  We emphasize family reunification, parental support, and family counseling..
Our academics are tailored for each student to remediate academic weaknesses, improve study skills, and bring students up to or beyond grade level. They learn to love learning again..

Our people don’t just work for us, they’re like family to us and to the students. We employ highly educated, experienced professionals to teach and mentor the youth..



Quick Facts

• Male and Female Facility – Ages 12-18

Joint Commission Accredited Facility

• 24 Hour Awake Supervision

Fully Accredited Academics

Positive Peer Culture Milieu

Licensed Mental Health Professionals – Ph.D, LCSW, LMHC, SUDC, LMFT



We Believe in the Worth and Value of Each Individual Teen

Our psychiatric residential treatment center helps each struggling teen in our center find the worth and value in themselves. The therapy program at Red Rock Canyon School is designed to help each struggling teen identify their problem behaviors and build on their internal strengths.

Red Rock Canyon School does not believe in a punitive approach to bring about change. We believe that there is a great child in each one of our students, they just need to learn how to correct the thinking errors that have brought them recent problems.


 Celebrating 15 years of Service



 A Typical Student May Struggle With One or More of These Issues

History of emotional problems such as poor self-esteem, poor coping skills, or lack of anger management skills, Depression, Anxiety, Poor impulse control, Other self harm, History of drug or alcohol abuse, History of poor school performance, History of abuse or neglect, Developing parent-child conflict issues, Obsessive compulsive disorder or other self-destructive behaviors.


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Accredited by the Joint Commission on Behavioral Health Organizations