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Red Rock Canyon School presents two separate therapeutic and educational residential treatment centers for troubled teens; one program for troubled boys and a separate program for troubled girls. Red Rock Canyon school is considered to be a residential treatment center for troubled teens, yet we are more appropriately described as a therapeutic boarding school.

Our residential treatment centers for boys and girls offer safe environments where teenagers get back on track emotionally, rebuilding their solid foundation through education, equipping them emotionally and academically to experience a strong future. For immediate help and support call 866-452-8121. Our Admissions Director is available to coach and guide you through your crisis, restoring hope through significant emotional support to boys and girls, as well as their parents.

"...At Red Rock Canyon School, our mission is to provide the security, unconditional acceptance, and structure that must be present to ensure that quality treatment will prevail. We lead troubled teens to find the inner strength necessary in their lives..."

The Typical Student of Residential Treatment Centers

The typical student of Red Rock Canyon School and other residential treatment centers is most likely dealing with depression and/or anxiety, and is currently acting out through self-destructive behavior, such as; substance abuse and/or addictions, school failure, and other self-harm acts of defiance. It is the troubled teens way of navigating through the pain and turmoil that has engulfed his or her life.

Furthermore, complications such as learning disorders may be influencing this troubled teen to develop a poor self-image and poor self-esteem. Essentially, these boys and girls are hurting deeply, and they figure they have no hope. They seek immediate relief from the pain. They live for the moment, self-medicating through negative peers, drugs/alcohol, isolation, and other acts of self harm.

"...We build upon their individual strengths, improve their relationships with their families and give them hope for the future..."

The boys and girls that we serve struggle to make good personal choices and they do not know how to solve their problems. They have no idea how to seek help, and struggle to connect with those who can provide therapeutic support. Essentially, they don't trust authorities and most do not believe that they even have a problem.

Most likely, these struggling teens are hanging out with the wrong crowd, creating conflict within the family, struggling at school, and may be getting into trouble with local authorities. The students that we treat often find themselves socially withdrawn from all good influences, refusing help, and need an out-of-home treatment program.

The students of Red Rock are not criminals or thugs; they are basically good kids from good families. Our students are simply confused and lost in emotional turmoil, seeking relief in the most ineffective ways. Basically, everything is chaotic and they are in need of immediate therapeutic intervention. We can help. Over the last decade we have helped thousands of struggling boys and girls and their families find relief, hope, and healing.

Red Rock Canyon School enrolls youth who exhibit emotional and/or behavioral problems which prevent them from functioning adequately in their home or community environments. Referrals to our program are initiated by psychiatrists, therapists, or mental health professionals. We also receive referrals from school counselors, substance abuse counselors, clergy, and direct referrals from parents.

Regardless of the referral source, all prospective students must receive a thorough evaluation by our Admissions Director prior to enrollment. This evaluation is conducted by phone to assess a youth's specific therapeutic needs, and to assure that he or she receives the most appropriate level of care.

Assessing and Evaluating the Red Rock Canyon Student Candidate

The following areas of concern are a part of our evaluation and assessment of the prospective Red Rock Canyon Student. Our students exhibit and demonstrate some or all of the following behaviors:

~ History of emotional problems

~ History of running away

~ Poor self-esteem

~ Lack of coping skills

~ Lack of anger management skills

~ Depression and/or anxiety

~ Poor impulse control

~ History of drug/alcohol abuse and/or addiction

~ History of school problems, such as poor academic performance

~ Mild to moderate learning disability

~ History of abuse

~ History of failed attempts in less restrictive treatment

Our students successfully progress through Red Rock Canyon School because of our highly supportive and structured therapeutic environment, staffed with trained caring professionals who are dedicated to the effective treatment of struggling teens.


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