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Boot Camps for Troubled Teens in Scottsdale, Arizona

Boot camps for troubled teens in Scottsdale, Arizona are very strict, short-term programs. While boot camps can serve a purpose and do some good for the troubled teens from Scottsdale, Arizona who attend them, they are not the best solution for long-term change in behavior. If you are a parent in Scottsdale, Arizona who is seeking treatment for your struggling child, please call 866-452-8121 to speak with a professional.

The methodology of boot camps is that if you scream enough at a child, he/she will become disciplined. This is just simply not true. Most boot camps are 30 days long. Any teenager can “fake it” for 30 days, tricking everybody into thinking that they have changed, only to engage in the same poor behavior as before after they return home.

Boot Camps Are Not The Best Option for Troubled Teens from Scottsdale, Arizona

A boot camp is a good “prep” for a child who will be going to a long-term, therapeutic treatment program immediately after. Red Rock Canyon School takes a completely different and more effective approach to the treatment of troubled teens from Scottsdale, Arizona. On top of daily therapy sessions and taking the student away from their negative influences for a significant amount of time, we offer multiple vocational classes to help our students uncover skills and passions that they never would have discovered otherwise.

If you are a parent from Scottsdale, Arizona who is searching for boot camps for troubled teens, please think of the insurmountable benefits that a long-term, residential treatment facility will have for your child, opposed to military style boot camps. For a free consultation to learn of the benefits that Red Rock Canyon School will offer your child, please call 866-452-8121.

Parents of Troubled Teens in Scottsdale, Arizona Must Consider an Alternative Option

It’s always too easy to focus on the negative, especially if you are parenting a rebellious teenager. You must make a conscious effort to give positive reinforcement to your child. Positive  reinforcement is just as important to your teen now as it was when he/she was a small child. Acknowledge good grades, compliance with house rules, as well as all efforts to be a member of the family. Even if you child is complaining about doing chores, thank them for doing them. Since troubled teens are always looking for attention, maybe the attention from positive reinforcement will help curb undesirable behaviors.

If your teen is acting out over their homework or something similar, it is quite possible that this may be caused by something much deeper. A child who used to be very mellow and well behaved does not suddenly become rebellious and out of control for now reason. You must identify the family or lifestyle change that could have possibly triggered this sudden behavior.

Red Rock Canyon School will help identify and treat the underlying causes for your child’s poor behaviors. With years of experience in helping thousands of troubled teens defeat their underlying issues and regain control of their emotions and behaviors, we are more than qualified to serve you and your family in this difficult time. Please call 866-452-8121 to receive more information regarding Red Rock Canyon School.