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Behavior Modification Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens in Texas

Behavior modification treatment programs are in high demand for troubled teens from Texas. Many parents of struggling boys and girls seek treatment programs when their child is in need of behavior modification to help prevent their behavior from worsening. For information on the best treatment program available to your troubled child, please call 866-452-8121 to speak with a caring representative.

Red Rock Canyon School is a licensed residential treatment center for troubled teens. Our premier program employs staff members who are experts in the area of treatment for struggling adolescents. We believe that every interaction with teenagers in our care is a therapeutic opportunity to help them change their behaviors and motivations. Red Rock Canyon School provides individual, group, and family therapy along with an accredited educational program to help students graduate high school on time who wouldn't, otherwise. Our students participate in many service projects in the community, as well as adventure based activities to help keep them active. Our professional staff members are dedicated to the complete rehabilitation of your struggling child, along with the family as a whole.

Help is Available for Troubled Teens from Texas

If you are the parent of a struggling child in Texas, we recommend Red Rock Canyon School to help your child change their mentality and motivations, all the while receiving the structure needed to grow into a successful young adult. Please contact our Admissions Directors to receive more information, by calling 866-452-8121.

Common Issues of Red Rock Canyon School's Students

  • Anxiety - Depression
  • Drug and/or Alcohol Abuse
  • Attachment Issues
  • Acting Out in Sexual Ways
  • Self-Destructive Behaviors
  • Family Problems
  • Running Away
  • Poor Self Esteem
  • Impulsive Behaviors
  • Attention Problems
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Self-injurious Behaviors
  • Physical and Sexual Abuse

Troubled Teens Need Help Overcoming Drug Addiction

The marijuana legalization debate has confused many teens and left parents more challenged when talking about drugs and alcohol. Legalization and medical use of marijuana have created a perception among teens that pot is no big deal, with more of them now smoking pot than cigarettes. Parents should strive to discourage any drug usage that isolates a child socially or inhibits their maturing process.

You want to make sure your child, if having difficult issues, knows there are healthy ways to deal with them, rather than using a substance to self-medicate. It is vital for parents to engage their teens in relaxed conversations. See where your child is at and ask them what they think. It is important for parents to not say, 'If you smoke marijuana, we’ll throw you out of the house,” but they should say that they will be disappointed.