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Are Group Homes the Right Program for Troubled Teens from Austin, Texas

Group homes provide the essentials to their residents. Through group homes, Austin, Texas troubled teens will be given shelter, food and some assistance with daily care. Although group homes may be better for a struggling teen than staying in their destructive environment, there is no key importance on providing their residents with treatment for their mental health, substance abuse and other behavioral issues. If you would like to know more about the best treatment option that is available to your child, please call 866-452-8121 for a free consultation.

The real purpose of group homes is to incorporate the troubled teens back into their communities. However, group homes do not focus on, or directly treat extreme behavioral issues, which need immediate attention. Teenagers near Austin, Texas who continually end up in troubled, clearly lack the ability to make good decisions on their own. These wayward teens need to be taught how to set goals for themselves, solve problems, and resist peer pressure when it presents itself.

Parents of Troubled Teens from Austin, Texas Who Are in Search of Group Homes

Red Rock Canyon School is a premier, residential treatment center. We differ from group homes by providing our students with multiple forms of therapy in an attempt to help them overcome the struggles that put them in this unfavorable situation. The professionals at Red Rock Canyon School are not only committed to serving our students, but the parents and family as a whole. To do this, we offer intensive daily counseling, group sessions, physical work, and a wide range of special interest and vocational arts programs.

For parents of troubled teens from Austin, Texas who are researching group homes, please consider Red Rock Canyon School to help your family through this difficult time. Unlike group homes, Red Rock Canyon School is therapeutic and potentially life changing. We will work to uncover the underlying issues that causes your child to act out. In turn, helping your son or daughter to overcome these underlying issues and put an end to the abnormally bad behavior all together. If you are the parent of a struggling boy or girl from Austin, Texas, please do not wait another minute. Red Rock Canyon School can be contacted at 866-452-8121.

Help is Available for Troubled Teens near Austin, Texas

No matter what parents do, it is more common than not, for teenagers to rebel and get into trouble. This is a part of learning, being a child and eventually, growing up into a mature adult. Teens will always be pressured into taking part in destructive behaviors. It is normal for them to succumb to the temptations from time to time. It is when the behaviors are potentially turning into irreversible consequences that you need to seek professional help for your child. If you are afraid that your child’s immature and selfish actions are turning into something they may never overcome, please do not wait to seek the treatment that your child needs.

Be a Parent First and a Friend Second

Teenagers have lots of friends who tell them what they want to hear. They don't need their parent  to be another friend. Remember, you are the parent, your teen needs you to be an authority figure who will let them know where the boundaries of acceptable behavior are. Trying to be their friend will only weaken your authority as a parent and come back to haunt you. While many parents feel it is almost impossible to have a conversation together, teens still want to connect with their parents.

When parents use good communication skills, they are clear about acceptable and unacceptable behavior and gives teens the chance to accept responsibility for their behavior to set the stage for learning and growth. If parents will be clear in their roles as caretakers, teenagers may move to a new level of responsibility, respect and growth in thinking of others when they make choices.