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Everyone in the Community is Invited for Thanksgiving Dinner!

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It has been a tradition started by our founder Frank Habibian over 40 years ago. 

Each year it only gets bigger and better! In 2013 we had over 3,000 people join us for the annual event which gives us and our students a chance to give thanks by serving our community.

We love how Thanksgiving in this setting brings so many people from different walks of life together to enjoy great food and spend some time in reflection of what is most important – people in our lives, family, friends and community.

Each year we prepare over 200 turkeys and more than 250 pies of every kind for days leading up to the big day.  Community members come out to help with their time and donations of food and funds to help make the dinner a success each year.

Residential Treatment Center Thanksgiving

Everyone in the community is invited take part in the Thanksgiving dinner

Many people assume it is designed for those who cannot afford the traditional dinner, but this isn’t the case. People line up at the doors to get in and everyone has a great time, including the teens from the residential treatment center and their families. No one is turned away, food is served until everyone is filled and the last piece of pie waits to be eaten.

We appreciate our great community and the diverse people who live here and hope to see everyone who would like to join us to give thanks for each other, our friends, families and the wonderful community in which we live.

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