Welcome to Red Rock Canyon School

Red Rock Canyon School is located in the heart of St. George, Utah – surrounded by red sandstone cliffs, black lava bluffs, and beautiful scenery in all directions. The mild climate and location near several National Parks, Monuments, and recreation areas provide a variety of opportunities to learn and and play throughout the entire year.

Our Facilities

The Red Rock Canyon School campus is designed around a central courtyard full of tall palm trees, grass, flowers, flowing water and beautiful landscapes.

The central courtyard is like an oasis where you will find students participating in learning activities, games, reading inspirational books in the shade, or watching a presentation or performance in the open-air amphitheater.

You’ll also find students walking with their therapist or sitting by the babbling brook that flows through the courtyard.

The beautiful environment adds to the therapeutic experience allowing therapists to visit with students in a calm and relaxing setting outside the traditional office environment.

Our Class Rooms

Education is an important part of an emotionally healthy person. At Red Rock Canyon School, we work hard to help each student on his or her individual level, helping them overcome academic weaknesses that made learning appear to be difficult and unrewarding.

Our classrooms are designed to allow teachers to instruct students as a group as well as allow individual study and instruction. Each classroom is equipped with modern technology, computers, and educational tools.

As students progress through their therapeutic process you can be assured they won’t fall behind in their academic pursuits or grade level.

When students leave Red Rock, they are generally further ahead and better equipped with their new found skills as they return to their schools or go on to college.

At Red Rock Canyon School, we help each student learn to love learning again.

Our Recording Studio

Music is inherently therapeutic, the music, the message has tremendous impact on all people. Students have always loved to sing, play, and perform so we tapped in to some of the talents of our staff members to create a place that the students can capture their talents on a professionally recorded sound track.

Our students have recorded hundreds of outstanding original songs, covers, and even created some pretty amazing music videos!

When you visit the recording studio, take a look at the copies of hundreds of CD’s lining the walls – each one a precious possession of the students who created them to share with their friends, family, and the world.



The Yoga Studio

One of the most popular activities at Red Rock is at the Yoga Studio. Yoga is one of those things that you just have to experience.

The calming, relaxed movements – the ability to clear ones mind and control the body is not only incredibly relaxing, but is good for the body and soul.

Students at Red Rock enjoy the peace and strength that comes from learning to clear the mind and master movements that make the body strong and flexible.

Our instructors are trained and experienced – and love working with the students. They especially enjoy seeing students change from “not sure” about it, to “can’t wait” for the next session.

The Fitness Center

Fitness is an important part of mental and emotional health in teenagers. At Red Rock we provide fully equipped, modern fitness facilities to help our students achieve their personal fitness goals.

Students may have fitness requirements or specific exercises prescribed by their physician, or they may be an athlete who wants to maintain or improve his or her fitness level while at Red Rock.

All workout sessions are facilitated by experienced and trained staff to ensure the students use the equipment and do the exercises properly and safely.


The Cafeteria

Good meals are an important part of health and well-being in teenagers and our chefs are always busy preparing the numerous meals and snacks of the day.

Our expert chefs know how to make delicious meals that makes students feel at home and comfortable. Nutritious meals, as well as special diets for health or religious reasons are prepared with the care and skill.

Just like at home, the cafeteria is the central gathering place for hungry students after a long day of activities, school work, therapy, and fun.

The cafeteria transforms into a magical place of love and service each November as the school, the students, the staff, and their family members give loving service to members of the community in our annual Thanksgiving Dinner – a tradition spanning more than two decades.


The Multipurpose Room

Across the hall from the cafeteria is our large indoor multipurpose room. Here you will find a variety of activities taking place throughout the day from games, enrichment activities, graduations, service projects, parties and other fun, to just about anything else you can imagine.

The multipurpose room is large, spacious and designed to be used – which it is continually throughout the day.

During our highly anticipated family weekends, you’ll meet and get to know other families during our family activities, seminars, workshops and banquets.

Family weekends really bring students and families together as they participate in fun and therapeutic activities along side the families of their friends.


In addition to our outdoor basketball courts and sand volleyball court, our indoor gymnasium offers an indoor venue for basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, broom hockey, and just about anything you can think of.

The east wall is contains a handball court, while on the west wall we’ve made use of the rock structure of the building as an indoor training wall for rock climbing. Just behind our campus, on the large, red rock cliffs above us, our students get to experience rock climbing and rappelling off the Dixie Rock – a popular attraction for local climbing and rappelling enthusiasts.

Theater Room

Movies are always something the students enjoy and look forward to, so we created a theater room with state of the art projection, screen, and sound systems.

We give the students the opportunity to enjoy a whole library of inspirational movies, classics, comedies, and seasonal favorites – as well as the current movies of the day.

Not just movies – occasionally you’ll find Friday Night Football, Basketball, the World Cup, the Super Bowl and other games streaming on the big screen.





Dance Floor

The dance floor is used for a variety of activities where you need a hard surface, mirrored walls, and a booming sound system.

Activities such as dance instruction, zumba workouts, fitness activities, and yes – even dancing.


For Help, Call Today: (855) 976-2841

Contact us today for a confidential evaluation with an Admissions Coordinator: (855) 976-2841


Please send the staff my thanks for their role in Jake’s recovery. He often tells us how much he appreciated the staff for being genuine with him, something he recognized was missing with his “friends” at home.

Demmei L. – Albany
Red Rock Parent

Dear Red Rock.  Thank you for helping [Jessie] learn to love herself again. The trauma she went through so long ago used to be a recurring nightmare, but now it’s as if it is a long forgotten memory.  She is healthy, happy, and now helps others at her school in group therapy overcome eating disorders and self image problems through their counseling center. You have been a blessing in our lives. Thank you for your help in her recovery.

Karen P. – New Mexico
Red Rock Parent

I was so scared that I was losing my son to a lifestyle that was destroying his life. He went from the loving little boy to someone who hated everything about us in just a matter of months. When we realized he was in serious trouble we needed the kind of help we couldn’t provide at home. Red Rock school led us by the hand through the entire ordeal. Week by week we started to see him returning to his old self, with pride, confidence, and a new outlook on life.

Arthur G. – Fountain Hills, AZ
Red Rock Parent

All I can say is “thank you for getting our family back together.” The severity of our sons chemical addictions was tearing us apart. It was a difficult thing to go through, but in the end we’re back together and closer than ever. Thank you.. thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Tess N. – Chico, CA
Red Rock Parent

Red Rock Canyon School was the last hope we had for getting real help for our daughter.  We tried counseling, AA/NA, and even a wilderness program, but when things progressed to the point that her behavior was putting her in danger we sought help that could be with her 24×7 while she received professional help.

Ed C. – Des Moines, IA
Red Rock Parent

The program is wonderful, the staff is excellent. The experience of making the decision to send her away was extremely difficult. Once she was gone, I continued to feel the pressure, the questioning, of whether I was doing the right thing for her. But now, nearly a year after she has been home, I know that the experience at Red Rock literally saved her life. She also knows that sending her to Red Rock saved her life.

Christine J. – Irvine, CA
Red Rock Parent

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