How Successful Are Our Students?

IMG_8694There are many programs throughout the United States designed to help troubled youth. They vary in philosophy, on how they work with the students, and the results they obtain. Wanting to be among the very best, we have instituted a number of proven methods to empower and help our students be more prepared for life and to make better choices in the future.

We also wanted to get feedback to help us be able to improve and ensure we stayed on track. Hence, for the last year on over sixty departing student so far, we have used the “Youth Outcome Questionnaire” (a nationally-recognized, statistically normed test) to get a before and after take on how well our students have done.

It is administered within the first week of their arrival and again before the student actually leaves the program. We also created our own “Student Satisfaction Survey” to get direct feedback on staff, programs, etc. including student comments. The statistics that follow not only include our best students, but all our students, including the students who created problems, complained a lot and left the program early.

The following are some of the consistent findings of these instruments

(all statistics are cumulative):

On the “Youth Outcome Questionnaire,” overall 97% of the students improved and 80% of that improvement was statistically significant or represented profound and important changes in their lives.

This puts us among the top programs of the country in terms of general overall program effectiveness.

From the Survey, we found that 95% of the students felt they had changed quite a bit and were more prepared for life, 80% thought staff were helpful, 86% liked school and 95% like their teachers. In addition, we found that 84% thought they had become helpful and contributing to other student’s lives, 95% felt they were honest, open and truthful in therapy and it was beneficial and important to them. Overall, 75% of the students rated Red Rock Canyon School in the excellent to outstanding area, which was consistent with how the departing students answered most of the other questions.

Student comments were 95% positive and contained constructive criticism as well as expressions of gratitude.

The following comments from the last 10 students who left in the November/December time frame

  • “This place was hard at first, but it helped me through a lot.”
  • “I learned how to deal with hard situations, which will now make life easier to handle.”
  • “The staff were the best part of the program. They were always there.”
  • “If it wasn’t for staff, I wouldn’t be as far as I am.”
  • “My staff were always upfront, honest and blunt with me.”
  • “School would probably be the one thing I struggled the hardest with, but I’m happy with the outlook I have on school now.”
  • “The teacher was extremely helpful and always had insight for me and others as well as myself.”
  • “Excellent teacher, (name redacted), has helped me a lot . . . he care about his students.”
  • “Groups weren’t fun, but they helped.”
  • “Therapy helped me and my family with a lot of issues.”
  • “My therapy allowed me to view certain situations differently and was very beneficial.”
  • “Red Rock saved my life.”

Not only do we feel are we doing exceptionally well, but we have statistical evidence that we have a program that is helping the great majority of our students make major changes in their lives.

Parent Comments

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to give some feedback on our family’s experience. I am a mother of (name withheld).  She spent about 5 months at red rock.  As a result of her time there, she has been free from drugs for over a year and has learned how to handle many of the issues that led to drug use.  Her work is not over, but she now is able to face her life in a positive way.  She is doing so well and i know it is her experience at red rock that deserves a lions share of the credit.

The program is wonderful, the staff is excellent.  The experience of making the decision to send her was extremely difficult.  Once she was gone, I continued to feel the pressure, the questioning, of whether I was doing the right thing for her.  But now, nearly a year after she has been home, I know that the experience at red rock literally saved her life.  She also knows that sending her to red rock saved her life.  We are both very very grateful.  One of the strongest aspects of the success that she achieved at red rock was due to the quality of the staff.  The entire staff.  Each step along the way she was met with dedicated, committed staff that challenged her, guided her and truly cared about her.  I was going to start listing who, in particular, were meaningful and realized that I would need to list nearly everyone we came into contact with.  Each person, in each of their roles, played an important part.

I am adding some pictures from her time with you.  The look on her face shows how meaningful and important this experience was for her.  They are either of her with staff or by herself (and one with her dad).  I know having pictures of other students would impinge on their privacy so I didn’t add any of those.  It was a difficult, wonderful experience, at the most frightening time in our family’s life.

Gratefully, Lisa.



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Please send the staff my thanks for their role in Jake’s recovery. He often tells us how much he appreciated the staff for being genuine with him, something he recognized was missing with his “friends” at home.

Demmei L. – Albany
Red Rock Parent

Dear Red Rock.  Thank you for helping [Jessie] learn to love herself again. The trauma she went through so long ago used to be a recurring nightmare, but now it’s as if it is a long forgotten memory.  She is healthy, happy, and now helps others at her school in group therapy overcome eating disorders and self image problems through their counseling center. You have been a blessing in our lives. Thank you for your help in her recovery.

Karen P. – New Mexico
Red Rock Parent

I was so scared that I was losing my son to a lifestyle that was destroying his life. He went from the loving little boy to someone who hated everything about us in just a matter of months. When we realized he was in serious trouble we needed the kind of help we couldn’t provide at home. Red Rock school led us by the hand through the entire ordeal. Week by week we started to see him returning to his old self, with pride, confidence, and a new outlook on life.

Arthur G. – Fountain Hills, AZ
Red Rock Parent

All I can say is “thank you for getting our family back together.” The severity of our sons chemical addictions was tearing us apart. It was a difficult thing to go through, but in the end we’re back together and closer than ever. Thank you.. thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Tess N. – Chico, CA
Red Rock Parent

Red Rock Canyon School was the last hope we had for getting real help for our daughter.  We tried counseling, AA/NA, and even a wilderness program, but when things progressed to the point that her behavior was putting her in danger we sought help that could be with her 24×7 while she received professional help.

Ed C. – Des Moines, IA
Red Rock Parent

The program is wonderful, the staff is excellent. The experience of making the decision to send her away was extremely difficult. Once she was gone, I continued to feel the pressure, the questioning, of whether I was doing the right thing for her. But now, nearly a year after she has been home, I know that the experience at Red Rock literally saved her life. She also knows that sending her to Red Rock saved her life.

Christine J. – Irvine, CA
Red Rock Parent