Therapy at Red Rock Canyon School

At Red Rock Canyon School  we use a multi-therapeutic model. Specific treatment modalities utilized under this model include the following:


Group Therapy

Group therapy includes:

  • Open discussion groups
  • 12-Step groups
  • Social skills workshops
  • Educational lectures
  • Student community groups
  • Leadership training groups
  • Anger management/victim awareness groups
  • Positive peer groups
  • Special interest groups designed for a particular population of youth




Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is provided to help the students gain insight into their behavior and gives them an opportunity to establish a trusting relationship with their counselor.

In this setting students are able to process issues that might be too sensitive for them to share with the group.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse counseling opportunities are offered three to four times a week for those students with addiction problems. These meetings consist of a combination of:

  • AA/NA meetings
  • Hazelden’s Living in Balance Program
  • Adolescent Chemical Dependency Recovery Workbook
  • Individual counseling sessions

IMG_7853Our AA/NA meetings are held on-site a minimum of two times a week, with visiting guests scheduled on a periodic basis. Students are also encouraged to read from the AA & NA Big Book as a complement to their 12-Step work.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is available to visiting families on a quarterly basis, as well as being an integral part of the Family Weekend Program. During quarterly visitations, the family and student meet together with the student’s primary therapist. During the Family Weekend, parents and their children participate in family therapy sessions and also take part in daily Parent Groups held with the other families in attendance.

Family Support

IMG_6803Family involvement is a vital ingredient in the success of each youth’s treatment. Our experience has shown that when a family is actively involved, the child’s chances for a positive treatment experience and long-term success is greatly magnified.

Progress Reports are sent to families on a monthly basis. These reports make it possible for families to keep up with the treatment progress of the youth and to learn about and understand the program structure. Academic and therapeutic progress is reported in detail, and parents are encouraged to communicate with their child’s case manager in order to discuss these reports if they have any questions or concerns.

Families are invited to attend structured Family Weekend with their children on a quarterly basis. These Family Weekends are designed to give all family members the opportunity to bring unresolved family issues to light to provide educational processes which are utilized in the resolution of these problems, and to provide counseling which has a stabilizing and healing effect on the entire family. There is also the opportunity to meet and support other parents who are united in a common bond as each family works towards family unity and harmony.


Specialty Groups

  • 12 Step Program, NA/AA Meeting, “Living in Balance” Program
  • Chemical Dependency Addiction Groups
  • Self-Esteem
  • Anger Management
  • Boundary Issues
  • Grief/Loss Trauma
  • Attachment
  • Experiential Learning Activities


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Please send the staff my thanks for their role in Jake’s recovery. He often tells us how much he appreciated the staff for being genuine with him, something he recognized was missing with his “friends” at home.

Demmei L. – Albany
Red Rock Parent

Dear Red Rock.  Thank you for helping [Jessie] learn to love herself again. The trauma she went through so long ago used to be a recurring nightmare, but now it’s as if it is a long forgotten memory.  She is healthy, happy, and now helps others at her school in group therapy overcome eating disorders and self image problems through their counseling center. You have been a blessing in our lives. Thank you for your help in her recovery.

Karen P. – New Mexico
Red Rock Parent

I was so scared that I was losing my son to a lifestyle that was destroying his life. He went from the loving little boy to someone who hated everything about us in just a matter of months. When we realized he was in serious trouble we needed the kind of help we couldn’t provide at home. Red Rock school led us by the hand through the entire ordeal. Week by week we started to see him returning to his old self, with pride, confidence, and a new outlook on life.

Arthur G. – Fountain Hills, AZ
Red Rock Parent

All I can say is “thank you for getting our family back together.” The severity of our sons chemical addictions was tearing us apart. It was a difficult thing to go through, but in the end we’re back together and closer than ever. Thank you.. thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Tess N. – Chico, CA
Red Rock Parent

Red Rock Canyon School was the last hope we had for getting real help for our daughter.  We tried counseling, AA/NA, and even a wilderness program, but when things progressed to the point that her behavior was putting her in danger we sought help that could be with her 24×7 while she received professional help.

Ed C. – Des Moines, IA
Red Rock Parent

The program is wonderful, the staff is excellent. The experience of making the decision to send her away was extremely difficult. Once she was gone, I continued to feel the pressure, the questioning, of whether I was doing the right thing for her. But now, nearly a year after she has been home, I know that the experience at Red Rock literally saved her life. She also knows that sending her to Red Rock saved her life.

Christine J. – Irvine, CA
Red Rock Parent