Directory of Residential Programs and Therapeutic Services | Troubled Teens

Red Rock Canyon School presents a comprehensive directory of residential treatment programs, substance abuse treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, and therapeutic services for parents of troubled teens. Call our Admissions Director today and receive immediate support, coaching, and guidance as we assist you in finding the perfect residential treatment program, drug rehab program, or other therapeutic services.  Call 866-452-8121.

Typical  Student Profile for Therapeutic Services

~ Substance Abuse/Addiction

~ Personality Disorders

~ Self –Esteem

~ Oppositional Defiance

~ Failure to Launch

~ School Problems

~ Anxiety

~ Depression


~ Identity issues

~ Sexuality issues

~ Learning Differences

~ Bi-Polar

~ Poor Social Skills

~ Relationship issues

~ Adoption/Attachment

~ Grief and loss

~ Family problems

~ Entitlement

~ Anger

~ Mild Eating Disorders

~ Process Addictions 

~ Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Please feel free to search our Directory of therapeutic services or call our Admissions Director. Our Admissions Director has 15 years of experience working with therapeutic schools, programs, and services.  We are ready to coach you through the process and assist with assessments and evaluations. 

Our goal is to utilize our experience and our assessment process to help alleviate your current crisis.  The truth is that sometimes troubled teens need professional therapeutic assistance to deal with their emotional and behavioral problems.

Treatment for Teens – Types and Approaches

~ Mood Disorders – Bipolar

~ Teenage Anxiety - Therapy

~ Eating Disorders – Boys and Girls

~ Signs of Depressions in Teenagers

~ Teen Substance Abuse – Treatment & Counseling

~ Drug & Alcohol Addiction – Rehab and Recovery

~ Internet Addiction – Intervention

~ Autism Spectrum Disorder – Long-term Solutions

~ Learning Disabilities – Differences and Deficits

~ Oppositional Defiance – What, How, Why?

~ Adoption Issues – RAD and Attachment Disorders

~ Development Disability – Delays and Disorders

~ Psychosexual Disorders - Specialized Help

Types of Therapeutic Practitioners and Services

~ Marriage & Family Therapists

~ Clinical Therapists

~ Drug & Alcohol Counselors

~ Licensed Professional Counselors

~ Substance Abuse Counselors

~ Psychologists

~ Licensed Clinical Social Workers

~ Psychiatrists

~ Educational Consultants

~ Counseling Centers

~ Life Coaches

~ Sober Coaches

~ Residential Treatment Programs

~ Drug & Alcohol Rehabs

~ Intensive Outpatient Programs

~ Intensive Inpatient Programs

~ Theraepeutic Boarding Schools

~ Wilderness Therapy Programs

As parents of troubled teens attempt to deal with, negotiate, or direct their troubled boy or girl, they need a place to turn to for assistance. Our Admissions Directors are ready to assist, guide, and coach you in your time of need.

We also provide "parent help articles" to inform parents about troubled boys and girls and how to overcome trials within struggling teens and families. Many parents consider programs, therapy, support groups, etc. for their struggling boys and girls in the hope to obtain solutions for troubled youth (including troubled young adults).

When considering therapeutic programs, parents of struggling teens need to be informed about all their options. For parents of struggling boys and girls, or troubled young adults, that need immediate assistance dealing with troubled youth, Red Rock Canyon School is your answer.

We educate parents about different youth programs for troubled girls and boys.  We help parents find the perfect treatment center that can meet their needs. If you have any questions or concerns contact Red Rock Canyon School and speak with a child education specialist at 866-452-8121. We are here to serve you and your family twenty four hours a day, seven days per week. If you are in crisis, please give us a call and do not wait until "tomorrow". You never know when it may be too late.