Troubled Teens Lacking Motivation

In the lives of troubled teens, a lack of motivation can be tied to many problems. If you're dealing with an adolescent who isHelp for Adolescents getting nowhere and  life and is wrapped up in many negative behaviors (compulsive behaviors, drug and substance abuse, eating disorders, self harm, etc.) the time may be now for a program such as Red Rock Canyon School. Short term counseling can work for some troubled teens, but others with more severe, deep set problems often require something more long term. This is where Red Rock Canyon School comes in. If you want to find out more, please give us a call today at 866-452-8121.

Typical Student Profile for Troubled Teens Lacking Motivation

Poor Peer Relationships - Negative Peer Group
Defiance and Rebellion
Depression and Sadness
Dual Diagnosis - Co-occuring Issues
Running Away
Unhealthy Sexual Conduct
Truancy/Poor School Performance
Lacks Motivation

Red Rock Canyon School is a JCAHO accredited residential treatment center that provides for troubled teens a lot of therapeutic qualities that are extremely beneficial. Vocational arts, special interest programs, community projects, and individual therapy sessions are all available here for troubled teens. If you're searching for something long term for your troubled teens, Red Rock Canyon School is incredibly experienced. 

The program we provide at Red Rock Canyon School has more than enough options to get your troubled teens on the right path to success. Our biggest goal is to make sure that troubled teens are back on track, so when they return home, they have the skills and tools to provide for themselves and make better decisions. Through years of experience and success, we are more than qualified to provide the structure needed to promote a successful and positive transformation. We also provide educational options to help your troubled teens graduate. Find out more about us today by calling us at 866-452-8121.