Barry Moore


Transition Director
My first contact with the field of human services came in 1989 when I began working with disabled adults in a sheltered workshop setting in Adel, Iowa. Three years later I returned to school to finish my B.A., graduating in 1993 on the President’s List with a degree in religion from Drake University. I began working with adjudicated teens in 1994 as an independent living supervisor, and to my surprise I felt as if I had finally found my professional niche in life. Five years later my family and I moved to southern Utah, where I continued my work with adolescents in various administrative capacities. Although a relative newcomer to Red Rock Canyon School (February 2005), my tenure here so far has been richly satisfying. When Walt Disney was once asked about his vision for Disneyland’s future, he said, in effect, that it was only limited by his imagination. If i were asked the same question concerning the Transition Program and what lies ahead for its students, I would say something similar, but I would add, “you still have to go through north Anaheim to get there.” But, of course that’s reality, and that’s our mission– to teach each student how to “navigate through the grindstones” of life while at the same time reminding them about the North Star, and the influential role it can play in their individual journeys
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