Lane Sheperd, LPC



Graduate of:
B.S Psychology, Masters Educational Psychology

Service at Red Rock:
3 yrs.

Prior professional experience:
3 yrs outpatient working with children who were victims of domestic violence. 3yrs. inpatient working with adolescent Native American clients & helping them respect their culture.

Interests and Expertise:
Reactive Attachment, Victims of domestic violence, I do very well at establishing a healthy relationship with teenagers.

About Me:
I have always enjoyed working with adolescents. Some of my greatest accomplishments have been helping kids succeed.

Hobbies and Interests:
Sports. Playing basketball, softball, and golf. Coaching basketball and baseball. Also enjoy big game hunting with archery equipment.

Which set of skills that students experience at Red Rock greatly impacts their success?:
Learning to love and respect themselves. I believe they learn to love and respect themselves by being loved and respected. When they experience this they are more willing to work on changing.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working with youth?:
To see them work through their problems and feel good about themselves as they accomplish successes.

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