Mariah Pogue


I.E.P Coordinator / Registrar

Length of Service at Red Rock:
I have been with the company for 8 years.

Prior Professional experience working with adolescents:
Counselor II in Division of Youth Corrections, for the state of Utah. I spent several years working in the Washington County School district as a para professional with children in the Special Education Program. I worked with adults with disabilities in an independent living setting. For the last few years I have worked with the National Child Nutrition Program to ensure our students health and well being.

Area of expertise and personal interest:
I received my degree in psychology and special education. I enjoy literature and working with children.

About Me:
I am a mother to two amazing daughters.

How does Red Rock positively impact our student’s success?:
I believe that Red Rock teaches life skills and helps children learn to make good choices. But I believe there are deeper seeds planted than just that. I know we help shape futures. The positive impact of our program may not come to fruition until these teens are in adulthood. I know that our students are better employees, better citizens and better parents because of what we do.

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